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Madison and Kryztopher

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Our Story

Madison and Kryztopher met in California and it was love at first sight! The time they spent together was full of amazing dates, tasty food, and magical adventures. When Kryztopher decided it was time to take Madison off the market, he was very nervous. He planned his proposal meticulously, taking Madison on the date of her life! After a wonderful day at the beach, he timed his proposal perfectly.
They were in a cliffside gazebo in Laguna Beach, overlooking the ocean. As the sun touched the water and Madison's back was turned, he lowered himself onto one knee.
Before Kryztopher could utter a single word of his proposal speech, he was pushed to the ground as an impossibly large crowd of people flooded into the tiny gazeebo, including a Mariachi band. Madison struggled to be heard over the blaring Mariachi band as she asked "were you trying to propose"?
Kryztopher was red-faced as Madison repeated her question.
He begrudgingly took her hand and led her 10 feet down the boardwalk and awkwardly asked if she would marry him, she was overjoyed!
Kryztopher profusely apologized for the "proposal fail", but Madison reassured him that it was a perfect characterization of the spontaneity of their relationship , and she "would'nt have had it any other way"!
Thank you for celebrating our big day with us!